Learn and develop the skills and behaviors to move past being stuck in your career to thriving. Your passions can connect to your work.

Get Unstuck ~ Get Promoted ~ Find Your Passion

I can show you how.

Take Control of Your Career
Our Career Optimization System will teach you ...
  • how your image in the workplace impacts your happiness and growth
  • strategies to improve your interactions with leaders and peers in the workplace
  • behaviors that will make YOU successful
  • tools to develop and execute your personal career strategy
  • how to align your passions with your career
.. and so much more!
Do you dread Mondays?
Is work simply a paycheck for you?

Do you wonder how those around you seem fulfilled with their work, but that satisfaction escapes you?

Does your 5-year plan feel like a waste of time that will bring you no closer to the life that you want and deserve?

Being stuck in a career you do not enjoy is miserable and feels like a condition that can never be solved. It can and it starts within you. You can pivot from the monotony of Monday through Friday to a career that gives you energy and fuels your passion.
On average, we spend more hours at work than with our families.
When I was unhappy with my work, I was not the only person that suffered. My husband, Tim had to endure my silent Sundays when I was in a funk because Monday meant a return to that job I did not enjoy and felt no purpose for.

After settling for the uncertainty and disengagement for a long time, Tim inspired me to get up off of my seat of do-nothing and take control of my career and my life. It took a lot of soul-searching and a lot of trial and error, but it was well worth it.

Now, when we go on vacation to snorkel in the caves of Mexico or drive ATVs through the forest, I am simply disappointed to return to real-life, but not depressed because I have work that is engaging and fulfilling.
It took me YEARS to figure out how to solve the desperation of a miserable work life that led to a difficult LIFE-life. See? It doesn't even make sense.

The Career Optimization System is what we developed to help you navigate from being stuck to finding fulfillment.

Once you take the course, you will be equipped with everything you need to prosper and launch your career in the direction that you desire.
The Grapevine is Talking about Meagan Boson
"It's hard to put into words the impact that Meagan has had on my life and career. Transitioning from the corporate sector to education was much easier than I anticipated thanks to her mentorship and guidance. I even got an unexpected promotion!”
-S. Wright
"Meagan is the consummate professional. She is the epitome of a true leader and I highly recommend the services she provides."
-K. Hallman
"With Meagan, leadership is second nature. She is a leader that can be trusted with her exceptional portfolio of skill set and deeds to motivate, lead and train other leaders."
-O. Sule
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