5 steps to pivot to a career you love
If you're...
  • frustrated with getting passed over for promotions
  • feeling like you'll never enjoy work again
  • constantly suffering from the Monday morning blues
  • feeling stuck in a position for over 3 years
  • wondering if career satisfaction actually exists
  • looking for real solutions from someone who has been promoted every 2 - 3 years
  • tired of hating your job
... then my free career optimization plan is just for you!
I'm Meagan. I love what I do and so can you!
It all started about 6 weeks into my first job after graduating college. I was sitting in my not-quite-large enough cubicle doing work totally consistent with my fancy engineering degree and completely miserable. That was the moment that I knew I needed to rethink my life and career if I ever wanted to enjoy my work.

Fast forward over a decade and I truly love what I do, make a good living, and am a decision-maker in my organization. I lead teams, sites, and global organizations. It took a lot of hard work and navigating through the multitude of options, but I have prevailed. In my journey, I’ve developed the tools and processes to help you achieve amazing results.
In this complimentary plan, I walk you through...
  • The reasons that you, like many others, are simply surviving work when you could be thriving
  • 6 steps to uncover what about your job or organization are driving your unhappiness
  • Key characteristics of the work that will engage YOU
  • A plan to get on the road to career success
The Grapevine is Talking about Meagan Boson
"It's hard to put into words the impact that Meagan has had on my life and career. Transitioning from the corporate sector to education was much easier than I anticipated thanks to her mentorship and guidance. I even got an unexpected promotion!”
-S. Wright
"Meagan is the consummate professional. She is the epitome of a true leader and I highly recommend the services she provides."
-K. Hallman
"With Meagan, leadership is second nature. She is a leader that can be trusted with her exceptional portfolio of skill set and deeds to motivate, lead and train other leaders."
-O. Sule
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